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One of our flagship products, Conolidine Liquid was formulated over many years. Utilizing rare and difficult ingredients combined with our patent pending processes, Conolidine has been painstakingly tailored to promote your natural ability to alleviate soreness, aches, and pains throughout the entire body including muscles and joints. Anyone experiencing discomfort seeking an all-natural and effective formulation should consider Conolidine Liquid as a staple product in their supplement regimen.*

  • Helps Alleviate Whole Body Muscle Soreness and Joint Aches*
  • Supports Decreased Overall Pain & Stiffness*
  • All Natural and 100% Drug-Free*
  • Choose Regular Strength or 2X Potent Clinical Strength
  • 30-Day Supply Subscription Plan available for additional savings
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Unlocking the Power of Nature with Conolidine: A Path to Experiencing Pain-Free Wellness

When your body discovers that it’s natural ability to boost its own pain alleviation properties, courtesy in part by Conolidine, you embark on a journey towards a healthier, more comfortable life. This remarkable compound, derived from the ancient wisdom of nature, helps bring about  transformations in how your body manages pain, offering a return to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Here are some of the remarkable benefits that Conolidine can offer, as supported by clinical evidence and research.

Choose The Strength That Suits Your Needs

  • Regular Strength

    Crafted with precision, Regular Strength Conolidine Liquid is an innovative natural formula designed for those seeking relief support from everyday aches and pains. Ideal for help managing minor to moderate pain, it provides a safe, non-addictive alternative to traditional pain solutions. Its balanced potency is perfect for daily use, helping users maintain an active lifestyle while effectively help managing discomfort. Regular Strength Conolidine Liquid is a testament to the power of nature in providing a harmonious solution for everyday well-being.*

  • Clinical Strength

    Conolidine+: Clinical Strength represents the pinnacle of natural pain relief support, designed for individuals who require a more powerful intervention to help reclaim their quality of life from the grips of chronic pain. This advanced formula is engineered for maximum efficacy and targets the root of pain with increased potency, offering a robust support to reducing persistent and debilitating discomfort. Conolidine+: Clinical Strength stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a natural yet powerful ally in their journey towards a pain-free life.*

Real Stories of Renewed Life

Conolidine has achieved significant recognition as a natural pain relief support product, and though we can’t share all of the success stories, here are five that are particularly impactful. These are tales of regular people just like you and me, who have found what they believe to be is a valuable and viable tool for overall relief and rejuvenation from chronic pain. They now enjoy a renewed sense of vitality and an improved quality of life, almost daily. Please note: For privacy reasons, these narratives are based on genuine clinical test survey stories, illustrated with stock images.

  • ★★★★★
    I've had chronic pain for more thank 5 decades, pain meds were all their was. My last Pain Specialist told me he did every test known to medicine & other tests, & I was not addicted to it. 8.5 years, then he told me that what I said, was you don't just take it. You only take when there's too much pain, he says so how do you explane that. I said the pain uses it up. Medical didn't allow to believe thatThen a brain aneurysm 4 years ago, every puncture hole on my body, one of the machine punctures my naval into my stomach, breaking my third vertebrae, L1, opioid not available, 4 years of pain, 24/7, 365 days. Thousands spent on OTC stuff did not work! Then I saw Game Day Resdy's pain reliever. Oh my God, I'm not 100% pain free but I'm saying what that has done for me brings tears to my eyes. I've purchased it for myself, * a second order, which I have given one to each of my family members, my daughter, my son, my 2 sisters, one to a young man whose wife was in so much pain, one to my friendI am not rich, but the lives this has touched for pain relief, amazing, If I could I'd shout it from a mountain top.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I've never been this close to this little pain in 45 years. I'm thank the Lord for this much relief.100% much better for the most part than ever in my life..Get me to that mountain top, I'll shout it out! You may alter what I've written if need be. But thank you, thank you, thank you, youve made life worth living again.(I'm 71 yes old)
  • ★★★★★
    Never would I have ever thought there was something out there that could be 10Xs better than any opiate I've taken for my pain. I'm a 7X survivor of many different cancers that have left my body racked in pain. I have a genetic disorder called Li Fraumeni Syndrome, about 600 to 700 hundred people worldwide have it. What it does is turns your body's way to fight cancer off. To date I've had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Liver Cancer & Many Bone Cancers. The bone cancer ate away my neck bones so I have a Titanium plate in my neck and cadaver bones. Left leg Tibia cancer where they had to drill a hole in my leg to remove the bone marrow/cancer & lost 2 toes just to give light to my story. All this left me with trying 9 different opiates over the last 16 years. My daily dosage of Morphine was 230mg a day for 3.5 years. Needless to say I wouldn't drive & I found out the hard way how long term opiate usage ruins one's kidneys. So I started on my own to get myself down I was functional but just "existing" so I got down to 120mg a day then 90mg. Then the same doctors who prescribed me all those dangerous milligrams a day cut my dosage in half. Needless to say I was back in excruciating pain. I've tried the world's strongest CBD's, Nothing I needed an insane amount to notice any relief. As I saw this advertisement I believe watching Dr Eric Berg's YouTube videos I was like there's just no way this Conolidine works so I took a chance I mean it had a 100% guarantee back so what's to lose? To my complete shock I worked immaculately. I had been praying for something natural that just simply worked. I'm still blown away everytime I put the dasage under my tongue in about 9mins (for my body) it starts to work. It's been THEE game changer for me, more like a life changer! I also suffered from bone on bone in my knee because cancer chewed away my meniscus. That to gets massive relief from this product. I can sincerely testify to the truth that this product has hands down given me my mobility back & has allowed for my wife & I to be intimate again. After Her seeing this amazing transformation she tired too. She was in a bad car accident 9 years ago, there wasn't much of anything the doctors could do for her except lots of opiates & she was very weary to take a regimen of them after seeing my kidneys suffer from long term opiate use. So if you're a skeptic simply try it. I'm living proof and starting to get out in the world again. Not to mention I've written & produced multiplatinum music and many Billboard #1 songs for a living, so now I'm back in it because of this miracle product I've got my life back and it's becoming incredible once again. I say do yourself and your loved one's a solid an give yourself a gift of being pain reduced or almost pain free you won't regret it!
  • ★★★★★
    I receive quite a number of health related emails and when this one showed up in my email, I thought it would not hurt to order some for my 96 yr old father. He is suffering from prostate cancer that has spread and was in enough pain that he was prescribed fairly strong opiate type medication. He did not do well with the medication and was really having a tough time with the side effects and could hardly eat anything. I sent him this natural pain relief product about a little over a month ago and he has taken exactly 1 prescribed pill since (after spending 3 hours working on complicated taxes, which he said was a pain in itself!). Since he is using the drops every day he does not have side effects, can eat much better and feels so much better that he was able to enjoy Easter with the family and was able to eat everything in sight. He is so grateful for this product that he tells me every time I talk to him. I have now sent him some of the clinical strength drops and they are even better. I also sent him a couple of the rollers in clinical strength and he loves those since they are easier to use. I will continue to order these for him as long as possible.I am also taking this product and like it for some minimal joint issues. I never thought this would help him as much as it does and so glad I gave it a try and he is really glad. Thanks for all the time and effort it took to develop this amazing natural pain reliever.
  • ★★★★★
    Hello my name is Joe I'm a 61 year old man who has lived with chronic pain since I hurt my back in the navy, I have had 13 back surgeries and 2 on my neck. My first back surgery in 1998 I ended up with an infection in my back that ruined me forever, I have taken everything that the pharmacy has to offer for pain that requires a prescription, I've spent 1000's of dollars looking for something that works and works fast. Cbd isn't strong enough, I've tried every cream, then I got lucky and received an email from game day ready, I read it thoroughly looking for the same old add but was shocked with the information provided. I was very skeptical as I don't like to waste any money, so I ordered the Conolidine liquid drops and the topical salve. The drops do what they say, I took the drops and then had a rush of endorphins like never before, it didn't happen like that the next day I took it but this really works for alot of the small pains that really bug you all day, knees, joints, aches and pains, however alot of people don't understand that this works different on everyone, no two people are alike, now let's get to the good part the Conolidine topical is the best topical I have ever used in my life. It works so fast on pain and I am talking nerve pain down my arms and legs muscle spasms, my MOTHERS diabetes foot neuropathy pain it didn't take it all away but it was highly managed, I'm using the clinical strength I have since ordered 3 more jars of this truly amazing topical. I will try the Conolidine liquid in the clinical strength and see how it goes. Thank you Game Day Ready for the quickest pain relief that doesn't leave me laying in a stupor, I highly recommend these products to anyone suffering from any kind of pain.
  • ★★★★★
    I am sharing a story concerning Conolidine and I tell you as Larry always tells the truth I started taking that when I had severe sciatic nerve pain and back pain from having fell backwards on a bar stool and that collapsed on me from 37 in high and I Jam my my back and probably partially crushed the vertebrae and I was hurting so bad and I sat there and put one dropper underneath my tongue for 30 seconds and swallowed it and literally 15-20 minutes later all of a sudden I realized that my back no longer hurt they say it's like a morphine but it's all natural they're not lying I mean to tell you I could not believe what was taking place I was in extreme pain I am a 68 year old man that worked hard from 10 years old to 50 years old on a farm and the Auto industry and also the furniture industry at furniture store so I physically work very hard in my life and my body is broke down and all I can say is I thank God that I have Conolidine to help with that pain. I couldn't believe it but there's two things I can't stand in this world is a liar and a thief and I'm neither one thank you for allowing me to give this testimony Larry said that
  • Jean K.
  • Darin B.
  • Linda S.
  • Joseph P.
  • Larry C.

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GameDay Ready™ (GDR Labs™) stands as the exclusive global manufacturer behind Conolidine. Trusted for their patented formulas, GDR Labs™ boasts an unparalleled reputation for top-tier American manufacturing. Here are five distinguishing factors that sets GDR Labs™ apart from the competition.

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