Conolidine Is The Most Potent Relief Support In The World.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Conolidine*

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Conolidine is one of 66 alkaloids found in the Tabernaemontana divaricata plant, commonly known as Crepe Jasmin. Crepe Jasmin has been used medicinally for hundreds of years in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine. It is has been extensively used as a safe pain reliever.

The Conolidine alkaloid has been heavily studied since 2011 with new data being made public every year. Conolidine has been privately tested for nearly 5 years.

Based on available science the Conolidine alkaloid optimizes the flow of opioid peptides in the brain.  Endorphins, a common opioid peptide, are your natural painkillers that have the ability to reduce the perception of pain while boosting your mood, increasing energy and increasing focus.

Western scientists have concluded that the Conolidine alkaloid has similar relief effectiveness of morphine without showing any signs of side effects, addiction or inebriation.

Opioid peptides are natural pain-relieving peptides released by the brain when the body enters a “pain” or “physical stress” event. A very common opioid peptide is an “Endorphin” often credited for the “Runners High”.

Scientists have confirmed that Endorphins are 50X more effective than morphine in terms of pain relief.  In fact, the name “Endorphin” comes from combining the term endogenous meaning “internal” and morphine. However healthy endorphin flow allows your body to naturally ease pain without addiction or side effects.

No, it is not a pharmaceutical. Conolidine is a naturally occurring alkaloid and it is not an opioid.

Conolidine naturally optimizes the flow the opioid peptides in the brain while opioid drugs are synthetic chemicals meant to mimic opioid peptides. Opioid peptides are not addictive, they relieve pain while making you feel energetic, focused and in a great mood. Opioid painkillers are very addictive and come with a high rate of addiction plus serious respiratory side effects including the risk of death.

No, Conolidine does not contain any CBD.

Conolidine has been privately tested since 2017 with almost 30,000 private use cases.  The documented results have been outstanding. During this time not a single adverse reaction has been reported.

Yes, Conolidine is 100% All-Natural and Drug-Free.  It is suitable for all tested athletic events.

The relief mechanism in Conolidine is cutting edge in the world of sports performance. With a healthier flow of opioid peptides, a professional athlete can train harder each session with a lower perception of pain.  Additionally, this natural relief mechanism allows them to recover faster and get back to training without performance inhibiting soreness, aches and pains. Essentially it allows the hardest workers in the room to work even harder and gain that edge that separates champions from 2nd place finishers.

Fatigue is actually a brain perception that is reversed by healthy levels of endorphins. In fact, endorphins create a “runners high” while allow a fatigued athlete to go miles more while feeling great.  This same sensation can be an incredible advantage in any sport requiring endurance and work capacity.

Absolutely. Pain perception is a major factor in strength and physique sports. Optimized endorphins can allow you to train harder while in the gym (feeling less pain) while combating after training soreness. This means a strength or physique athlete can train hard then come back the next day and train hard again while their competition is sore and recovering.