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Conolidine is one of 66 alkaloids found in theTabernaemontana Divaricata plant, commonly known as Crepe Jasmin.  Crepe Jasmin has been used medicinally for hundreds of years in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine. It is has been extensively used as a safe all-natural plant based pain reliver.


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    I am a 47 year old teacher and football coach that spends a ton of time coaching and working kids out as well as on my feet teaching history. Needless to say I am active and can definitely get soreness, pains and stiffness in my body. I have had 2 surgeries on my low back and 1 on my neck so there is quite a bit of experience with pain! I cannot stand to take pills and when I was introduced CONOCB2 to use on my back I was willing but, of course, skeptical. I could not believe the effect of this natural product on my pain! It was very soothing and was like my pain was gone and I just did not notice anymore. Same thing on my knee and later on with my elbow. No ridiculous smell and it was not even close to the numbing effect of other topical treatments. I promise you will love this product to sooth the muscles and joints in your body as well!!
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    I’m a former D1 football player, now in my early 50s. My body was working well for nearly 25 yrs after college football and not until recently did I begin to feel the results of 4 intense years of impact. I’ve tried a number of different solutions with little to no benefits. Within the past 2 weeks, I’ve started Phyto Test Max, Ultra IGF 1, Juverin and CONOCB2. Almost instantly, I rewound the aches of the past 10yrs. I’m excited to continue through this month and see the incremental and continual gains! I was a skeptic at first, but no longer.
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    As a retired Doctor I have been a paying customer for several years. Believe me when I say that their products are truly the best and purest on the market.
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    I have been using CONOCB2 and CONOCB2 Topical for some time. I originally purchased this for my wife, Kathleen, who has suffered from severe, debilitating arthritis for over twenty years. She uses the CONOCB2 Topical daily to relieve sharp pain in feet, ankles, knees and hands. She finds CONOCB2 works quickly to reduce the pain. I have used it as well on arthritic pain in an ankle and in my lower back. Works every time so that I can fall to sleep. Great pain reliever.
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    I have used several products in the last few years. Number one on my list is CONOCB2 and CONOCB2 Topical. Both are the answer to my back pain. I am now using both and am having more good results with ease of walking and standing. I know that these two products are the best that I have used for my back issues. They are terrifffficc!!!
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