Sirtuin™ Is The First "At Home Youth Gene Activator " In The World.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Sirtuin™!*

Yes! GDR Labs™ only uses 100% natural and active ingredients. Sirtuin™ is 100% naturally extracted and drug-free.

No! Sirtuin™ is a highly effective and proprietary dietary supplement. As opposed to a drug that affects or changes aspects of your body Sirtuin™ is designed to supercharge and reinforce your natural youth-promoting functions allowing you to feel better than you have in years. Additionally, it is designed to support your body's defenses against free radicals.  Simply put, Sirtuin™ is designed to help you reach you mental prime (at any age). Best of all it is safe and side effect free.

You should always consult your doctor but the use ofSirtuin™ has not been shown to interact with any pharmaceuticals.

Some of our test groups noted a positive boost within the first day. However, you will be able to notice the long-term benefits within the first 30 days. Please remember that these effects compound over time and taking Sirtuin™ on a consistent basis is the best way to experience significant results.

No side effects have been reported after nearly three decades of testing.

Each bottle has 30 Daily Servings

Please always refer directly to the label for the recommended serving, as it may change when formulas are updated.

You only need to take one serving per day to get the full effects. Some report an energy boost so it may be good to take in the morning.

Each bottle contains a liquid dropper, follow the recommended serving amount on the supplement facts. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE.
Adults, take the dropper and place 1mL in mouth and hold for 30 seconds, then swallow to ingest. If you have any trouble, you can put it in your favorite beverage and simply stir and drink.