PhytoTest™ Is A Patented, Highly Concentrated, Plant Based Male Hormone Daily Use Supplement.

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about PhytoTest™!*

This part is actually quite simple. PhytoTest™ is the first and only naturally extracted male hormone in the world (fully OTC). Each daily serving will add roughly 80 nanograms of free male hormone to your system, fully optimizing levels in days. PhytoTest™ does not "boost" natural production, it directly adds to your free male hormone like TRT shots.

This can be answered with clinical data. PhytoTest™ is male hormone, derived naturally from a plant instead of made synthetically (like TRT). Firstly, it is certainly far safer than TRT with no documented side effects over the last several years of testing (and no needles). Secondly, PhytoTest™ will not make your body "dependent" on the outside male hormone like TRT. Finally, PhytoTest™ has been shown to add 80 nanograms of male hormone daily to your free stores, gently raising to healthy levels of male hormone over a period of days. Whereas, TRT will deliver a much higher dose of male hormone at the time of injection. However, keep in mind, only a small portion makes it to your "free stores" the rest of the overdosage is what causes the "hormonal" side effects. In the end, the same goal is achieved, maximized male hormone- PhytoTest™ just does it in a safer (and less expensive) method. Remember, GDR Labs™ has also privately tested PhytoTest™ on over 15,000 men with exceptional results (Over 90% reported physical benefits). In our eyes, the results speak for themselves. 

The male benefits of optimized male hormone are vast.

  • Supports Healthy Bone Density
  • Helps Decrease Body Fat
  • Help Increase Muscle & Strength
  • Supports Healthy & Fuller Hair
  • Healthy Red Blood Production​
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • ​Increased Sperm Count

In general, this is about everything that makes someone a man, and supercharging them.

Yes! PhytoTest™ is naturally derived but it is still male hormone, it can not be used if you are a tested athlete. It will certainly provide an unfair advantage in physical activity.

Full disclosure: PhytoTest™ was developed PURELY as a way to enhance free male hormone levels. It will have a bit of a "spicy" taste as one of the absorption accelerators in it is black pepper extract. GDR Labs™ has added natural flavoring to aid in the taste but you won't find it "candy" delicious. With that said the taste has received positive feedback and the entire point is powerful male hormone support.

PhytoTest™ is a daily use supplement and can be taken any time throughout the day. However, once you establish your schedule you will want to try to take it the same time daily so it absorbs and builds evenly in your system. Day or night is just fine, just pick a time that you are most likely to remember. 

Yes, it is formulated to support sexual function. Remember, With optimized levels of the male hormone your desire and performance will see a huge boost. You will want to be as sexually active as possible while on PhytoTest™.

Firstly, We cannot make health recommendations. However, this is a great question as many "male hormone treatments" have heart related side effects. We will say that none of the ingredients in PhytoTest™ have reported heart related side effects. In fact, extracted pine pollen has tremendous health benefits, known as a super food.

So, this is tricky. Females certainly need male hormone, in fact many women thrive on small amounts. With that said, PhytoTest™ was developed for men but it can be considered if you have been told by a medical professional that you are low on male hormone.

Another great question! Regardless of online marketing your 'male organ' size is determined by God-given genetics. However, PhytoTest™ (and maximized male hormone levels) will help you reach "full attention" which can certainly give off the appearance (and feel) of a size increase.

We highly recommend ONLY using daily PhytoTest™ if you plan on being active such as walking, running, golfing, etc. You will want to put your new levels to good use. We would also recommend regular sexually activity. Now, We are not saying you HAVE to do it daily unless you want. However, if you go weeks or months without activity or sex you may be left with constant and sensitive erections that could become a nuisance.

It works like night and day. Test boosters simply promote your internal ability to produce testosterone. The issue is, male hormone production declines for a variety of reasons and very few substances can make a real "production" impact. PhytoTest™ is much closer to actually taking male hormone. It is naturally derived male hormone that absorbs orally and directly raises your free stores. According to data and tests, PhytoTest™ is FAR more effective than "male hormone booster" pills.

Results will vary from person to person, as with all drugs and supplements. However, the scientific findings and private testing have shown over a 90% success rate.

Only pharmaceuticals can achieve full FDA approval. However, PhytoTest™ is produced by GDR Labs™ where it is American made in an FDA audited facility per GMP standards.

You are able to try PhytoTest™ with no risk for 90 days which is plenty of time for you to fall in love with it. If it doesn't bring any physical or sexual benefit you can return for a full refund.

PhytoTest™ is exclusively manufactured and distributed by GDR Labs. It is 100% American made and fully produced in their FDA audited US-based facility.

The "Feel" of PhytoTest™ is highly personal. Some users feel very little until they go to do something physical. Others feel a nearly immediate "energy and well being" boost. Most men wake up feeling better and more engaged, ready to take on life. Men have also reported feeling much more sexually invigorated and desire rushing back. Ultimately, you will have to try it to see how it affects you.

We cannot give medical advice and all users have different drug combinations at play. All we can say is, none of the ingredients in PhytoTest™ have been shown to have negative drug interactions. However, some drugs are sensitive to increased male hormone so that is something you will need to address with your medical professional.

All ingredients in PhytoTest™ have been verified as side effect free. Additionally, GDR Labs™ has not reported any side effects over nearly five years of testing. The only concern may be "nuisance erections" if you are not sexually or physical active. Higher male hormone is like high octane fuel, your body will want to use it.

As you will read it is priced well below other protocols of same potency, about 1/10th the cost of TRT. Part of our development goal was to ensure it was affordable for the average American consumer.

Firstly, as mentioned above, PhytoTest™ was not formulated for taste, you may not find it "tasty" to use daily. Secondly, it is made to build in your system so it may take a few days to a few weeks for you to see maximized benefit (which is why you have 90 days to try it). The "build up" process is not as fast as TRT, but it is a lot safer and less expensive. Finally, you will achieve sensitive erections throughout the day so will need to relieve them with sexual activity.