Neurotol™ Is Highly Concentrated Bacopa Extract Designed to Build Back Brain Function, Naturally

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about Neurotol!*

This formula is a combination of extracted and concentrated bacopa and concentrated green tea extract. It works in a two pronged approach. Bacopa has been shown to fight the build up of amyloid plaque while rebuilding your aging brain cells known as dendrites. We added all-natural green tea extract for the antioxidant boost and natural caffeine for focus. Overall, your brain health, memory, and cognition may begin to improve in a matter of days. In fact, many feel a focus benefit from the very first dose. The formula is finished off with powerful oils designed to increase human absorption so your body can put it to good use. The net result is a strong brain, renewed memory, enhanced day to day cognition and at most focus. 

This can be answered with clinical data. Firstly, the research is conclusive. A liquid formula like Neurotol™ will absorb much more fully than any pill or powder on the market. The concentrated compounds inside of Bacopa have been heavily studied for it's ability to provide antioxidant support to aging brain cells and actually help brain cell (dedtrite) regrowth. GDR Labs has also privately tested Neurotol™ on over 5,000 Americans with exceptional results (Over 90% reported cognitive benefit). 

Full Disclosure: Neurotol™ was developed PURELY to enhance brain health and fight memory loss. It will have a bit of a "spicy" taste as one of the absorption accelerators is black pepper extract. GDR Labs™ has added natural flavoring to aid in the taste but you won't find it "candy" delicious. With that said the taste of Neurotol has received positive feedback as well, and the entire point is about powerful brain and memory support.

Neurotol™ is daily use and it is best to consume it in the morning as it contains green tea extract. It is a great way to "wake up" your brain and enhance daily focus. However, Neurotol™ is such a powerful brain activator that we do not recommend taking it past 3 pm. Remember, it will take a few days to build into your system. 

Another great question! And the answer is- Absolutely! Bacopa has already been studied as a Nootropic for it's ability to ehance cogntive function. This effect is ehanced by natural Green Tea extract which contains the healthiest source of caffeine and antioxidants in the world. While using Neurotol™ you can fully expect increased focus and brain function. 

To date, Neurotol™ has not been compared directly to other brain drugs in a head to head clinical trial. However, the benefits (from testing) are known to be mostly similar or even better than other "pharmaceutical" brain boosters, but without side effects. Remember, synthetic memory drugs are notorious for low efficacy and most are very expensive (and even dangerous). Neurotol™ works to fight the root cause of memory loss which is blain plaque build up and dying brain cells. Most users prefer Neurotol™ due to the limited cost, effectiveness and total lack of side effects.

Results will vary from person to person, as with all drugs and supplements. However, the scientific findings and private testing have shown over a 90% success rate. Point blank, it has changed lives for thousands. 

Only pharmaceuticals can achieve full FDA approval. However, Neurotol™ is produced by GDR Labs where it is American made in an FDA audited facility per GMP standards.

You lose nothing! You can try Neurotol™ with no risk for 90 days which is plenty of time for you to fall in love with it. If it doesn't bring the desired brain health benefit you can return for a full refund. With that said our return rate is less than 1%

Neurotol™ is exclusively manufactured and distributed by GDR Labs. It is 100% American-made and fully produced in their FDA audited US facility.

Plainly put, yes, you will feel brain stimulation. However, the "Feel" of Neurotol™ is highly personal. Some users only feel a slight "stimulation" while others feel like they are on a "limitless" protocol. You will feel a big boost in energy and mental clarity as your brain "locks in". You will have to try it to see how it affects you. 

We cannot give medical advice and all users have different drug combinations at play. However, none of the ingredients in Neurotol™ have been shown to have negative drug interactions.

All ingredients in Neurtol have been verified as side effect free. Additionally, GDR Labs™ has not reported any side effects over nearly five years of testing. The only concern may be the natural caffeine if you are caffeine sensitive.

Neurotol™ is priced well below other protocols of same potency. And you have the chance to try it at a huge discount. Part of our development goal was to ensure it was affordable for the average American consumer.

Firstly, Neurotol™ is priced well below other protocols of same potency. Secondly, as mentioned above, Neurotol™ was not formulated for taste, and you may not find it "tasty" to use daily. Thirdly, it is made to build in your system, so it may take a few days to a few weeks for you to see maximized benefit (which is why you have 90 days to try it). And Finally, the natural caffeine may cause stimulation, it is not recommended to be use past 3pm daily.