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DualPolar™ Extraction

Traditionally, raw ingredient extractions are performed with a “single solvent” extraction meaning the lab chooses one type of solvent and performs the appropriate extraction.
When it comes to performing a “full spectrum” extraction, which is defined by separating the most active ingredients from the entire plant/powder into the final extraction liquid, solvent choice is key.
Think of the extraction solvent as a magnet, pulling the active ingredients out for suspension in the final consumable liquid. This magnet effect is called “polarity” – again much like the different poles of a magnet, however not all active ingredients have the same polarity.
Certain active ingredients will be left behind, as they were not attracted by the pulling solvent. This is where GameDay Ready® excels.

The Innovation & The Solution: DualPolar™ Extraction

GameDay Ready® Supplements successfully developed DualPolar™ Extraction technology by integrating two solvents that work in tandem, achieving a “complete polarity” and “Full-Spectrum” extraction.
This method will effectively extract ALL desired active ingredients inside of a compound or raw material, rendering it far more effective than a single solvent extraction.
Further, DualPolar™ Extraction retains ultra-fragile and valuable micro-nutrients traditionally lost using single solvent extractions.
The GameDay Ready® DualPolar™ Extraction process can take ANY raw ingredient and create an enhanced version. A version that will contain all necessary active components, boosted by the DualPolar™ process and easily crossing the blood-brain barrier.

Additional Benefits:

Absorption; one of our solvents has significant impacts on the effectiveness of active ingredients for topical use products and skin absorption. This is fundamental for the GameDay Ready® range of highly effective topical solutions.

Enhanced Oral Absorption; by combining these two solvents we can create a highly concentrated “Full Spectrum” extraction that is easily metabolized by your body, as our solvents are still very important for oral delivery due to their ability to cross the mucous membrane and easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

“Entourage Effect”; produces more robust and desirable effect when they work in concert. A truly “full-spectrum” extraction results in this synergistic process, the “entourage effect”.

Piperine; (Piper nigrum) boosts bioavailability and supercharges the ‘collective’ active ingredients, resulting in a fully optimized ‘Entourage Effect’.

All Natural – No Preservatives – No Additives.

GAMEDAY READY® – Globally Patented – DualPolar™ Extraction Process: The process of “dual solvent extraction” is 100% unique in the world of nutraceutical and even pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Globally patented, only GameDay Ready can use this method to produce a nutraceutical or pharmaceutical product other than GameDay Ready®.
Each batch of product is 3rd Party Lab Tested and our manufacturing facility adheres to the strictest GMP procedures and policies.

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