Scientists Validate Nature's BP Med

Newly Discovered Natural Compound FORTIFIES HEART HEALTH, No Side Effects

Highly Effective Regardless of Age Or Health Status

On This Page I Am Revealing A Clinically Validated Way To Support Healthy Blood Pressure & Fortify Your Aging Heart In Just Days

Here Is What I Will Reveal...

  • How To Promote Heart Circulation using Nitric Oxide
  • How To Support Healthier Blood Pressure
  • How To Promote Strong Cardiac Function

Worried About High Blood Pressure?

Over the Next Five Minutes I Will Explain A Natural Protocol That Has Been Shown to Support Optimized Blood Pressure

Your Path To A Younger and Stronger Heart


My name is Steve Rector and your probably know me as the CEO of GDR Labs, one of the most innovative supplement development companies in the world.

Myself and my company have become world renowned for distributing some of the most powerful natural formulas in the world, 100% American made.

... And you probably know I have a dark past.


I used to work for the "other side" as a hospital corporation CEO and pharmaceutical executive.

What I saw there STILL haunts me to my core which is why I LEFT and took the path of natural medicine....

And that brings me to my topic today.

When It Comes To High Blood Pressure, Big Pharma Has You In A Vice Grip...

... And it has been that way for YEARS.

As you probably assume the US Pharmaceutical industry makes BILLIONS annually off "blood pressure meds".

The Same Drugs Get Pushed Out, They Rake In Billions, Yet The "Heart Health" Of America Gets Worse And Worse.

  • Cases of High Blood Pressure Are Up
  • Heart Attacks Are Up
  • Sudden Heart Failure Is Up
  • Drug Induced Side Effects Are Up

All of that money spent and made, and zero progress.

Millions are on monthly prescriptions with no end in site.

Now, you have watched me take on pain with conolidine, HGH with Nutra IGF-1 and TRT with Phyto Test.

Well, Today I Am Bringing The Fight To Worthless Blood Pressure Meds.

... And all of the side effects they represent.

Today, I Am Going To Show You How To Beat High Blood Pressure Once A For All

... And Even Rejuvenate Your Aged Heart Tissue

Listen, high blood pressure is terrifying.

As a 55 year old man, I get it, I get concerned nearly every physical.

The heart truly is a ticking time bomb, ready to kill 1 in 3 of us.

... And most of us don't know how to manage the risk outside of dangerous drugs.

Heck, Big Pharma expects that, preys on that.

Well, Today, All Of That Changes...

I am going to present research from one of the top medical scientists in the world.

Research that will CHANGE the way Americans manage heart health.

The best part, he first created it for himself.

He developed it to beat HIS OWN life threatening heart issue.

... And the research and testing has grown since then.

Plus, This Is The First And Only Formula I Know Of That Has The Ability To Support The Regrowth Of Aging Heart Tissue.

Seriously, you can actually regrow heart tissue at any age.

Finally, Everything You Are About To Read Is Backed By Incredible Clinical Science & Testing

If you are into the "science" of how stuff works, this page is for you.

The blood pressure lowering research
you are about to read is second to none.

Plus, it all culminated in a clinical review involving over 15,000 participants.

... Yielding over a 90% success rate
which is HIGHER most BP drugs.

Exciting, right?

Well, I don't want to make you wait any longer.

Let's jump into it...

This Simple Natural Trick Got My High Blood Pressure Back To 120/80 Without Expensive Drugs

Or Even A Single Doctors Visit



I am medical scientist Clint Winters.

You may not know me directly, but you probably know of my inventions.

I have personally developed several dietary supplement ingredients the most notably being the natural conolidine pain reliever.

Today that ingredient is known as Conolidine CONOCB2 and it is spanning the globe like wild fire.

Normally I am writing reports about ingredient technologies and how they help a variety of other users and ailments.

Today Is MUCH Different Type Of Report...

This page is not about my medical achievements.

It is actually about my own embarrasing health challenges (And how I beat them).

... And it all started with a dog bite.


This Dog Bite Saved My Life...

I promise all of this will make sense very shortly.

Firstly, I love my dog, he is a disabled bulldog.

One night, in the heart of the pandemic we decided to get away to the beach so my family and I rented a house.

Well, dogs and new places can be a tough recipe, they are naturally uneasy.

One night he was sleeping next to me when he was startled by a noise.

I put my arm out to comfort him and he instinctually latched on - a 100% total accident.

Once he realized it was me he let go almost immediately (and felt terrible).

But, the damage was done, I needed stiches.

Now, the last place I wanted to go during the pandemic was Urgent Care, but I had no choice I needed my wound addressed.


... And thank god I went.

The dog bite was minor, but what I found out that night saved my life.

Here is the embarrassing truth.

That Night I Found Out I Had Life Threateningly High Blood Pressure

This quick trip to urgent care was much more eventful than I could have ever imagined.

My wound was easy to deal with, just a few stiches.

However, the routine testing showed something very scary - I had high blood pressure.

Very high actually 160/100 which puts me at risk for a stroke or sudden heart failure.

Thank god I found out!

But, for me, this is embarrasing.

I am a health and supplement expert, how could I let this happen?


I eat healthy and I work out very hard.

Plus, I take an impressive regimen of supplements every day.

Yet, my numbers are still high??? It didn't make sense.

However, I am a GREAT lesson - you can still face challenges when you do everything correct.

You see, I now know I have genetically high blood pressure, there is no way for me to lower it without direct action.

Now, most people just resort to pills, it is the common option.

However, I know better from my extensive research.

Blood pressure meds come with all kinds of side effects (I discuss below).

Plus, the last place I wanted to go during the pandemic was a doctor's office.

In the end, I beat high blood pressure with a natural innovation.

This Page Is All About How I Quickly And Easily Lowered My Blood Pressure Back To 120/80 Without Seeing A Doctor Or Taking A Dangerous Drug.

Don't worry, I will explain in detail below.

However, I need to start with the deadly risks of high blood pressure.

These risks scared me to death.

High Blood Pressure Is A Deadly Threat

I Knew Better Than Anyone, Unchecked High Blood Pressure Is Dubbed The "Silent Killer"


There is no getting around it, high blood pressure is DEADLY.

According to the Mayo Clinic, high blood pressure can silently damage your body for years, dramatically raising your risk of serious heart conditions and death.

With poor circulation, you are depriving your heart, brain and lungs from the precious oxygen that keeps you alive.

High blood pressure DIRECTLY leads to higher instances of sudden heart failure and stroke.

Terrifying Fact #1

High Blood Pressure Increases Your Risk of Stroke by 90%

High Blood Pressure plays a role in restricted and poor blood circulation and your circulation is one of the MOST IMPORTANT functions in the body.

It supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs.

In short, it’s what makes our bodies work.

There is no better way to put it - High blood pressure it a ticking time bomb strapped to your chest.

However, I Refused To Use Side Effect Ridden Blood Pressure Medication

Obviously, being diagnosed with genetically high blood pressure is very scary, especially for me, as I truly know all of the lift altering consequences.

However, I also know this...

Blood pressure meds are "gateway medications" with substantial side effects.

Sadly, a huge number of Americans go on blood pressure pills and then end up feeling worse than ever.

Here are just SOME of the blood pressure med associated side effects.

  • Cough
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Erection problems
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Feeling nervous
  • Feeling tired, weak, drowsy, or a lack of energy
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting

Not good, right?

... And these issues only lead to MORE meds to control those symptoms.

So you may have lower blood pressure but you GAIN other terrible side effects.

Honestly, this was NOT a trade off I was willing to make.

I have spent my life researching and developing top end nutraceutical ingredients, I wanted to find the best blood pressure solution in existence.

Based On My Experince, In Nearly Every Case There Are Powerful Natural Alternatives To Common Meds.

... And they provide the needed benefit without side effects.

So, that became my personal mission.

Plus, I was highly motivated due to the fact that I PERSONALLY needed a blood pressure solution.

... And the clock was ticking.

So, I Used My Scientific Expertise & Hunted For A Natural Blood Pressure Solution

Luckily, I am profeesional medical scientist by trade.

I have made a great living by finding natural solutions and producing proprietary versions that are as powerful as prescription pills.

However, blood pressure research was a bit chanllenging at first.


I'm sure you will agree - there is a ton of information online about how to control high blood pressure without meds.

However, most of it is non sense OR barely works.

Plus, that stuff that does work well, is normally not publicized very much since Pharma has such a grip on media and advertising.

So, I did NOT use traditional google for my search.

I Used Popular Clinical Trial Websites To Take A Deep Dive Into Cutting Edge Blood Presure Research And Find A Truly Effecive Natural Compound Without Side Effects.

I reviewed thousands of clinical trials from all over the world to find a natural compound that had a track record of iron clad clinical proof.

After 90 days of solid research I FOUND IT.

... And the research blew me away.

I Discovered A Natural Compound That Cured My High Blood Pressure

And It Only Took Days To Work

I am so excited that I finally get to share this research.

It has been life changing for me and thousands of others in private tests.

What I am about to reveal has been locked down in test mode for over two years.

Yes - I used it successfully to cure my chronic high blood pressure.

... And it has been used by thousands of test subjects with the same result.


Don't worry - I cover all of that below.

Here is the best part - what I am about to reveal is actually very common and simple, however it contains very powerful "blood pressure lowering" compounds.

Yes, amazing blood pressure benefit, without a single documented side effect.

Once I found this common compound I went to work making it more powerful than ever.

I Identified The EXACT Active Ingredients That Were Naturally Lowering Blood Pressure And Found A Way To Isolate Them, Creating The Most Powerful Drug Free Blood Pressure Ingredient In History.

... And the results speak volumes.

I saw a blood pressure decrease in my first day of use.

After A Few Days I Was Back To 120/80 And Haven't Moved Since.

... And it wasn't just me who experienced this benefit.

As you will read, it has helped thousands of others in two years of private testing.

Finally, you are about to read about a natural blood pressure solution that works.

Now, I will explain my solution in detail, but first I want you to read about the raw natural compound.

As you will read - this is truly mother natures "blood pressure med".

The Secret: The Beta Vulgaris Root

Commonly Known As Beetroot


Don't Worry, I Haven't Wasted Your Time Here.

Yes, beetroot juice is very common and you can find it in any store, but there is a major catch.

Sadly, getting it's incredible blood pressure lowering benefit is not as easy as simple as drinking a little bit of juice everyday.

However, as you will read, I have developed a way to quickly and efficienctly support opimal blood pressure with the active ingredients inside of beetroot juice.

In fact, that is a great place to start.

Let me first explain why beetroot is such a powerful compound.

So, what is all of the fuss about?

It comes down to the compounds INSIDE of beetroot.

Beet Root is Very Rich In Nitric Oxide Boosting "Nitrates", Just Like BP Drugs

Terrifying Fact #1

As you probably know, "nitrates" are a very comon type of blood pressure compound.

However, they are normally synthetic, found in blood pressure pharmaceuticals.

Those synthetic nitrates are made in a lab.

Conversely, Beet Root Happens To Be Extremely "Natural Nitrate Rich", Making It A Major "Drug Free" Blood Pressure Lowering Breakthrough.


Now, why are nitrates important?

When you consume nitrates, your body converts nitrates into nitric oxide, an incredibly important part of having a healthy heart.

Why? As you will read nitric oxide is a very important component to how your cardiac blood flows, directly affecting your blood pressure.

Studies have shown…

Low Nitric Oxide Levels Is A Key Marker Of Several Cardiovascular Issues Including High Blood Pressure And Sudden Heart Failure.

One of the main things it affects is how your heart beats.

In fact, Nitric Oxide is central to a healthy heart rhythm because it's involved in the process of blood vessel constriction and healthy circulation.

Nitrates and Nitric Oxide are all-important for the muscle contractions of a normal heartbeat.

Research shows that low levels of Nitric Oxide may increase irregular heartbeats or other cardiovascular conditions.

Overall, nitric oxide allows your blood vessels to gently dialate, allowing blood to flow easier.

Easier blood flow allows your heart to work less while lowering your blood pressure.


In addition, studies showed that a low Nitric Oxide level is associated with one of the most common heart rate disorders.

Low Nitric Oxide Has Also Been Tied To Directly To High Blood Pressure.

So again, the role of Nitric Oxide in the heart is well established.

Ensuring you have ENOUGH Nitric Oxide can be a single and powerful way to lower your blood pressure and fight declining heart health.

In fact, many top researchers now believe nitric oxide production is THE most important factor to a healthy heart.

This Cardiac Discovery Was So Novel It Won A Nobel Prize in Medicine

The power of nitric oxide was not your "run of the mill" heart discovery.

It was heralded as a major breakthrough, Nobel Prize-worthy.

Three doctors, Dr. Robert Furchgott, Dr. Louis Ignarro, and Dr. Ferid Murad made history when they discovered the benefits of nitric oxide in the human body.


This discovery lead to a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.

Upon Analysis, Scientists Confirmed That Nitric Oxide, Now Known As The “Miracle Molecule” Induced Several Important Actions In The Body Including Widening Blood Vessels, Regulating Blood Pressure, And Preventing Deadly Blood Clots.

Their discovery changed cardiac health for the better and is still intensely used until this day.

Nitric Oxide is the ONLY natural cardiac innovation to win a Nobel Prize and it is an extremely powerful tool in the quest for healthy blood pressure.

The buzz did not end in 1998.

For years, more and more medical journals are touting the incredible benefits of nitrates and nitric oxide.

Here are just a few notable mentions.

Powerful Clinical Support Keeps Pouring In From Top Medical Journals


"Beet Juice Is A New Way To Beet High Blood Pressure"


"Beet Juice Has An Immediate Effect On Lowering Blood Pressure"


The Researchers Found That “Inorganic Nitrate And Beetroot Juice Supplementation Was Associated With A Significant Reduction In Systolic Blood Pressure.”


“This Interesting Study Builds On Previous Research By This Team And Finds That A Daily Glass Of Beetroot Juice Can Lower Blood Pressure In People With Hypertension – Even Those Whose High Blood Pressure Was Not Controlled By Drug Treatment.”

Acute Effects of an Oral Nitric Oxide Supplement on Blood Pressure, Endothelial Function, and Vascular Compliance in Hypertensive Patients

Nitric Oxide Is Naturally Produced In Many Kinds Of Cells And Organ Systems. It Is An Integral Molecule In Regulating Blood Pressure And Maintaining A Healthy Cardiovascular System. Specifically, Nitric Oxide Is The Endothelium-Derived Relaxing Factor First Described By Furchgott In 1980. It Is Produced Or Generated In The Vasculature Then Diffuses Into The Underlying Smooth Muscle Causing These Muscles To Relax. This Helps With A Reduction In The Systemic Blood Pressure And Increases Blood Flow And Oxygen Delivery To Specific Vascular Beds.

Nitric Oxide in Hypertension

Increasing Nitric Oxide In Your Blood Can Open Constricted Blood Vessels And Lower Your Blood Pressure. Evidence Suggests That Nitric Oxide Plays A Key Role In Regulating Blood Pressure And That Impaired Nitric Oxide Bioactivity Is A Key Component Of Hypertension. Mice With Disruption Of The Gene For Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase Have Elevated Blood Pressure Levels Compared To Control Animals, Suggesting A Genetic Component To The Link Between Impaired Nitric Oxide Bioactivity And Hypertension.

Nitric Oxide – Your Natural Guard Against Hypertension

Nitric Oxide Is A Powerful Vasodilator, Relaxing Blood Vessels And Increasing Oxygen And Blood Flow. One Study Found That People With Atherosclerosis, Diabetes Or Hyper Tension Often Showed Impaired Nitric Oxide Pathways. Nitric Oxide Also Increases Performance And Endurance And Protects Blood Vessels From Vascular Aging.

Scientifically Backed, This Is Your Path To Optimized Blood Pressure Without Side Effects

Highly Effective At 50, 60 or Even 70 Years Old


The clincial science is stunning, right?

Imagine holding the secret to incredible blood pressure today and as you age.

Imagine Having Total Control Of Your Blood Pressure And Heart Health.

Imagine never worrying about your next doctors visit or how high your blood pressure may read.

This level of cardiac confidence is NOT a pipe dream.

The benefits of naturally occurring nitrates are well documented, they are a natural blood pressure phenomenon.

Extremely effective, without the side effects.

However, here is the best part.

Natural Nitrates Can Benefit FAR More Than Just Your Heart Health.

In fact, nitric oxide and enhanced circulation can have profound effect on many crucial functions.

More Than Just Blood Pressure...

Increased Circulation Via Nitric Oxide Can Improve Many Aspects Of Your Health

Doctors call Nitric Oxide the "secret weapon" for fighting heart and circulation problems.

As you NOW know, nitric oxide is imperative for healthy blood pressure.

However, optimized N.O also provides other incredible benefits.


Decreased Risk of Heart Failure - a 10 day randomized cross over trial shows N-O significantly decreases the risk of sudden heart failure (Nitric Oxide:210; 20:136-140)


Protect Arteries - N-O plays an important role in reducing the risk of coronary artery disease (In Vivo. 2009 Sep - Oct; 23(5): 797-812)


Reduces Brain Toxins and Damage - reduces damage caused by blood flow to the brain. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 1994; 14:217-226


Protects from Skin Damage - caused by UV Radiation and unwanted germs and toxins. Nitric Oxide. 2004 June; 10(4); 179-193


End Digestive Issues - lack of it may cause nausea, vomiting, bloating. Digestive Disease and Sciences. 2011; 51(4) :89-94


Cold Hands and Feet - Increase microcirculation and relieve symptoms. Lancet. 1999; 354 (9191: 1670-1675)

Pretty amazing, right?

Having Proper Levels of Nitric Oxide May Literally Save Your Life.

Naturally occurring nitrates are a major breakthrough.

However, now I need to get back to what I alluded to before.

There is a major downfall to the "beet root" solution.

...And it keeps millions from healthy blood pressure.

Earlier I Mentioned A Catch...

Beet Juice Tastes Terrible And You Have To Consume Two or Three Full Glasses A Day

By now, I'm sure you will agree that the blood pressure lowering effects of beet juice are incredible.

They are truly "Nature's Blood Pressure Med", however, there is a BIG downside.

As you now know, Beets are full of nitrates, which stimlate the release of nitric oxide and lower your blood pressure.

The Mechanism Is Very Simple To Understand, However, In Order For You To Get The Proper Amount Of Nitrates To Affect Your Blood Pressure You Need To Drink 2 Or 3 Full Glassess Of Beet Juice EVERY Single Day.

This is a lot every day.

Even harder if you happen to travel.

Remember, a day cannot be missed as the nitrate effect only lasts a few hours.

.... And, let me tell you, drinking this much is a major drawback.


Beets have a very "earthy" taste and it is not favored by many.

From personal experience, it is hard to do it daily.

I was able to gut it out for the first few days but it becomes harder and harder to drink something you don't like.

Plus, drinking two or three glasses daily of anything takes up a lot of time and planning.

When I traveled it was impossible to keep up.

So, I turned to my scientific background to fix THIS ISSUE.

My plan was simple, extract and suspend the nitrate active ingredients from the beet root, disposing of the parts that are not needed for blood pressure.

When complete I would have a highly concentrated nitrate rich liquid that could provide incredible blood pressure benefit in just seconds per day.

Instead Of Having To Drink Two Or Three Glasses, I Could Consume 1mL (In Seconds) And Support My Blood Pressure For The Day.

Pretty cool, right?

This innovation is now trade named Carditrol™

.... And I even added a little known cardiac booster to the formula (more on that below)

Let me go into a little more detail.

Carditrol™ Is Highly Concentrated Liquid Nitrates Designed to Naturally Manage High Blood Pressure


Patent Pending Carditrol™ is the future of beet root supplementation.

Even as powerful as Beet Root is, you have to drink a look of juice daily to get the benefit you are seeking....

And if you find pills and tablets, those do not have great absorption rates.

Many times the body barely receives any benefit at all.... And that is why the science behind Carditrol™ is so powerful.

Point blank, patent-pending Carditrol™ is the most potent form of Beet Root in the world.

It is essentially highly concentrated nitrates, primed to quickly benefit your blood pressure.


It is far more potent and absorbs with more efficiency than any standard powder or pilled Beet Root.

Plus You Only Have To Consume 1 Or 2mL Versus 2 Or 3 Full Glasses.

Here is some of the science behind Carditrol™.


I Want To Show You The Incredible Science of Carditrol™

Firstly, Carditrol™ has been developed as a heavily concentrated Beet Root liquid that is nitrate rich and meant to be supplemented daily.

Plus, it has been maximized for increased bioavailability, allowing it to provide faster blood pressure support.

Here is why it is so powerful...

Carditrol™ features third-party verified Beet Root that is processed through a proprietary natural extraction process named Dual Polar Extraction.

This process creates a full spectrum extraction of pure Beet Root, concentrating and isolating all of the blood pressure lowering nitrates.

This Process Turns Raw Beet Root Powder Into A Highly Concentrated, Nitrate-Rich Liquid That Is Ready To Provide Incredible "Blood Pressure Lowering" Benefits. Instead Of Needing 3 Full Glasses, You Only Need 2 ML's Daily.

However, that is just the beginning.

This liquid is then enhanced with our SubNano bioavailability optimizer.

The proprietary process takes the finished extracted liquid and combines it with specific oils and nutrients designed to supercharge the body's ability to absorb.

It does this by aiding the cellular absorption process allowing accelerated results.

In A Nutshell, Carditrol™ Is A Highly Concentrated Form Of Liquid Beet Root That Has Been Refined And Formulated To Maximize The Associated Benefits.

This is a beet root nutraceutical more powerful than anything else in the world.

... And I didn't stop there

I Added a Final Ingredient That Has Been Shown to Help "Regrow" Aging Heart Tissue

Supports Rebuilding The Heart Stronger Than Ever

Regardless of age or pre existing heart damage.

Crazy, right?

I have to admit, this finding scientifically blew me away.

As you will read...

This Is A Validated Ingredient Actually Shown To Help REGROW Heart Tissue, Making Your Organ Structure Younger.


... And the secret?

A highly concentrated compound known as Cholecalciferol, found exclusively in raw Vitamin D3 powder.

This "re growth" function was identified during a ground breaking clinical trial conducted by Ohio University.

The study was led by Dr. Tadeusz Malinski who is internationally known for his cardiovascular research.

It was formally published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine.

Dr. Malinski developed the initial hypothesis around cholecalciferol's known ability to rebuild bone tissue, it medically (in concentrated amounts) should have the same effect on the heart.

To conduct the study he and his colleagues then developed unique methods and systems of measurements using nanosensors.

These sensors were able to track the impacts of cholecalciferol on single endothelial cells, the cells that make up the heart muscles

.... and the results were simply incredible.

Concentrated cholecalciferol was found to...

"Significantly Restore The Damage To The Cardiovascular System Caused By Aging And Several Diseases, Including Hypertension, Diabetes And Atherosclerosis"

Dr. Malinski commented...

"There Are Not Many, If Any, Known Systems Which Can Be Used To Restore Cardiovascular Tissue Cells Which Are Already Damaged, And Cholecalciferol Can Do It," Malinski Said.

"This Is A Very Effective Solution To Repair The Cardiovascular System. We Don't Have To Develop A New Drug. We Already Have It, With No Side Effects."

Now, this is KEY for anyone over 40 years old.

It is even more important if you have had previous heart issues that resulted in tissue damage (most heart issues).

As you can imagine, this news spread across the medical community inspiring several medical journal articles


"Cholecalciferol Has Been Shown To Prevent Strokes, Manage Diabetic Damage And Even Regrow Damaged Heart Tissue"


"Cholecalciferol Could "Reverse" Age Related Damage To The Heart"


"Cholecalciferol Promotes Vascular Regeneration In Aged And Damaged Heart Tissue"

Incredible, right?

This research propelled me into my final stages of Carditrol development.

I moved to add highly concentrated cholecalciferol to my current Carditrol formula in the doses suggested by Dr. Malinski.

Luckily, as you now know, I had already developed a process for extracting concentrated active ingredients from powders, Dual Polar extraction.

Using this proprietary process I extracted pure cholecalciferol, converting it into a highly absorbale liquid.

I then blended this powerful ingredient with the exsiting Carditrol formula.

The Net Result...

A Full Spectrum Cardiac Formula - two Powerful benefits

Now, you have seen it all laid out.

In terms of cardiac support, Carditrol is truly advanced.


Why, it packs two incredible ingredients into one powerful and easy to use daily formula.

1. Natural nitrates work to promote nitric oxide flow, gently widening the blood vessels in the heart, allowing for less cardiac effort and lower blood pressure.

2. Concentrated cholecalciferol works to rebuild aged and damaged heart tissues, renewing your youthful heart health.All in all...

Carditrol Has Been Formulated To Promote Healthy Blood Pressure While Ensuring Your Heart Beats Young And Strong Like It Did Years Before

Nothing else on the market can boast this range of benefit.

Scientifically speaking, this is THE WAY to keep your heart strong and healthy deep into the later years of life....

And I am the perfect picture proof.I was the FIRST to test out this optimized formula and the results have been INCREDIBLE.


Using Carditrol™ Daily Has Been My Key To Perfect Blood Pressure

Fast & Easy To Use In Seconds A Day

Today, my blood pressure has been a PERFECT 120/80 for over a year.

Today, my heart health is better than ever.

For me and thousands of others it has become an absolute game changer.

First thing I need to mention - it is so simple to use daily.

As I mentioned above, drinking two or three glasses of beet juice daily is very cumbersome....

And it tastes terrible.

That is why Carditrol™ concentrated nitrates are such a valuable tool.


First, Carditrol™ is a simple to use sublingual.

It only takes seconds to use - place 1mL under your tongue, allow it to sit for 30 seconds and it immediately begins to absorb.

This is so much easier than drinking a bunch of beetroot juice daily.

Heck, I can bring Carditrol™ anywhere and take it whenever I want.

Then the benefits start...

Within Minutes Of Using Carditrol™ My Nitric Oxide Levels Increase And Blood Begins To Flow Better Through My Veins, Supporting Lower, Optimized Blood Pressure

For me the benefits were nearly immediate.

120/80 is now a daily occurrence.

Here is the best part, as mentioned above, the benefits of nitric oxide are not limited to blood pressure, it makes your entire body feel better.

When Taking Carditrol™ I Could Literally Feel The Blood Flowing Smoothly Through My Veins Optimizing My Entire Body.

Remember, your circulation is your life blood, carrying oxygen all over your body.

For me, my energy levels were directly impacted, I started to feel amazing every single day as more oxygen made it all over my body.

I feel alert and ready to go as soon as I woke up each day.

With more blood flow to my brain I feel focused and ready to accomplish any task.

I even feel like my body heals faster after activity with more blood flowing to my muscles and tissues quickly and efficiently.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, here is the best part - I was not the only one seeing incredible benefits.

I brought this invention to Steve Rector at GDR Labs so he run some internal testing.

As you will read, thousands of others feel the same way I do.

I will let Steve explain development and testing.

My Team Worked Directly With Clint To Develop Carditrol™ For Global Distribution

Ground Breaking Blood Pressure Support

As I'm sure you will agree, Carditrol™ is really innovative.

Now, here is where things get truly exciting.

I will be the first to admit, in the world of health, there is not much that is TRULY new.

In the world of "heart health", new solutions are even fewer and farther between.

New research emerges from time to time, but the advice is normally the "same old", "same old".

.... And your numbers never improve.

A TOTALLY new ingredient like this is very rare.

Something as proprietary as Carditrol™ is even more rare.

... And it works beyond all expectations.


Plus, you are learning about it before anyone.

This is a brand new science
, yielding incredible heart health results.

This breakthrough is gaining tremendous momentum.

... And it is SO simple, you can easily do it at home without fearing another visit to the doctor.

Once available, it will give you a direct way to fight for healthy blood pressure without dangerous meds.

You may never fear a heart analysis again...

And that is why my team and I worked so hard to bring this to life.

My Laboratory Production Team Worked With Winters Biotechnology To Bring Carditrol™ Out Of The Lab And Into Full Scale Consumer Production

Today, you are a few years ahead of the curve.

You are about to access a simple, drug-free protocol, that will change EVERYTHING about your heart health.

Heck, it could even help rebuild old and damaged tissue.

You could be JUST days away from prime of life health with 120/80 type blood pressure readings.

Imagine how good that would feel.

Plus, it only requires an investment of a few simple seconds per day.

... And I am not speaking from potentials.I'm speaking from real world results.

You have heard about the initial research....

And then the laboratory development.

You have even heard how it helped Clint himself achieve the best blood pressure numbers of his life.

However, testing goes WELL beyond Clint.

GDR Labs tested Carditrol with thousands of test users over the past two years and the results have been simply explosive.

Carditrol™ Has Helped Thousands In Private Tests Over The Last 24 Months

Tried And Tested Blood Pressure Support

You have read and researched...

And you have read what it did for me.

However, we tested Carditrol™ on far more than just me.

We Conducted A Private Clinical Analysis Over 24 Months With Thousands Fighting High Blood Pressure.

Disclaimer: For Privacy We Have Used Real Clinical Test Survey Stories With Stock Images.


"Let me just say I am a skeptic. I am 67 years young and have been struggling with high blood pressure for years. Nothing seemed to help and I tried lots of stuff. I started eating a heart healthy diet, working out and even drinking beetroot juice but NOTHING helped until Carditrol. From day one I felt a difference on Carditrol and my BP is lower than ever. My doctor was even shocked with my newest numbers" - Meredith H.


"I don't really know the science but IT WORKS. I have genetically high blood pressure and I refuse to take pharmaceuticals. I have tried Omega's, CoQ10 and virtually every heart supplement you can take - Nothing worked. Carditrol finally changed things. The first few days I wasn't sure and then I took a test at day 7, my blood pressure was lower than it has been in years." - Mark P.


"Finally something that works!!! I am no longer scared to get my annual check up. I was part of the Carditrol test group and my numbers have never looked better. I finally found an answer to my blood pressure problem." - Susan G.


"I agreed to test Carditrol for my blood pressure, I had NO idea it was going to give me so many other benefits. My blood pressure is now great but I'm also thinking better and performing better in the gym. Heck, I'm even seeing some "private" benefits. I'm blown away!!!" - Ted R.

Carditrol™ Can Be Used
In Less Than 60 Seconds Per Day

No Needles and No Doctors Visits

  • Only Takes Seconds to Use Daily
  • Easy To Use Liquid Formula
  • Enhanced Bioavailability for Faster Results
  • Natural Strawberry Flavor

Here is one of the best parts, Carditrol™ is VERY easy to use daily.

In fact, it will take you less than a minute every morning.

Carditrol™ is a liquid formula
that has been designed to consume only once daily.

Once taken the liquid formula will absorb quickly so it can get to work supporting optimized blood pressure.

The process is simple, all you do is take the dosage listed on the label.

Carditrol™ is an easy to consume liquid.


After taking Carditrol™ many notice that in as little as 15 minutes they feel the difference as the body is optimized for better circulation and healthier blood pressure.

Based on testing results as each day goes by you may feel better and better as you receive more and more heart support.

After one serving you will understand why tens of thousands start their day with Carditrol™.

In fact, take a moment and imagine this...

Carditrol™ Empowers You To Wake Up With Prime of Life Blood Pressure

Even If You Are 50, 60 or 70 Years Old

Just imagine this for a moment:

Instead of waking up feeling tired, you SPRING out of bed ready for the day.

Your energy is supercharged INSTANTLY
, you are immediately ready to take on the day.

Your morning routine flies by as you knock out your rituals without any "sluggishness".

You are focused and driven
like you were when you were in your thirties and forties.


If you work, you have the confidence that you will dominate the day and run circles around those you work with regardless of their age.

If you are retired, you KNOW you will be the sharpest one in your friend group....

Always ready for new and exciting experiences.

Whether it is golf, tennis or a game of cards, you're able to always perform at your best.

Your brain is firing!

You feel strong and ready.

Out of nowhere your body is functioning like you are years younger.

It feels like you are back in your prime

Why? These are ALL of the effects of healthy heart function, increased circulation and lower blood pressure.

Frankly, your heart dictates how you feel.

Healthy heart function means blood is effortlessly nourishing all of our vital organs and tissues.

Your Heart Health And Daily Energy Feels Reignited

Many Have Described This As The Feeling Of Youth

Now, I'm sure all of this sounds TOO GOOD to be true, right.

NO WAY this is possible.

Well, that is where you are wrong.

It is VERY possible and happening to others as you read this.

The science has been building for years.

... I showed you how Carditrol™ is the most powerful heart solution in the world.

Then, I showed you the incredible science of Carditrol™ and how it is has already changed thousands of lives in private tests dating back to 2021.


Rich in blood pressure supporting nitrates and designed to absorb quickly, this formula fortify's your aging heart and optimizes energy levels without dangerous meds.

Carditrol™ does not change your heart, it goes to work supporting optimized blood pressure so you feel years younger within days.


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  •  Carditrol™ as an ingredient has been studied for decades by top Ivy League scientists.
  • ​You have researched and read incredible use stories from others just like you.

Plus, All Your Money Back, If It Doesn't Work For You

This is more than a risk free offer.

If you aren’t happy you will receive every single penny back.

However, I know the truth of this situation.

Carditrol™ IS going to work extremely well just like it has for me and thousands of others - I personally won't miss a day.

… And when it DOES work for you, you will feel better than you have in years.

You won’t want to return it,
you will want to learn how to buy as much as you can (I have seen this over and over).

Yes, you could be THAT close to the best blood pressure you have had in years.

That Is Why Not Giving Carditrol™ A Chance Is Your Biggest Risk Of All.

You risk missing out on feeling better and younger than you have in years.

You risk NOT improving the quality of your heart health.

You risk moments with your family you can ONLY have if you keep your heart strong and healthy.

Don't make this mistake, you may regret it forever.

You are closer than ever to FINALLY rebuilding your aging heart.

No more reading.

No more waiting.

You are one click away...


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