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Based on 69 reviews
Frank Haydon
Severly Low Nutrients

I started taking Phyto Test+, Nutra IGF+ and Sirtuin+ Mid June 2023. I am 68 years old. That means I have been severely low in all the above nutrients for many years in spite of the fact that I have been practicing intermittent fasting, exercising (tennis, pickleball, running/jogging, unicycling, hiking, biking and trail running) and maintained a healthy weight over the years. Over the last 20 years I have felt both physical and mental declines that makes exercising and doing mental tasks more and more challenging sometimes to the point of total frustration. When I started taking these supplements my body did not know how to react (possibly due to my age and long term loss of those nutrients) resulting in a magnification of physical discomfort and mental challenges. I thought I was just too old and broken down for these to work for me. Stubbornly, I have kept taking the supplements for nearly two months. It is now August 9th, 2023 and I have noticed some changes. Cosmetically, my skin is looking more smooth (less of that crepe paper look in the pit of my forearms). I feel and think I look a bit younger. I have also noticed an increased vein pattern in my feet and arms in a good way like my body has decided to upgrade my circulatory system. I am a DIY'er rebuilding my house. I notice that it is getting easier to pick up and move heavy items, like door casing and drywall. I am not misplacing or losing my tools as much as I use to. I think this means that there is hope for me after all. All of this gets me a bit excited and more determined to keep taking Phyto Test+, Nutra IGF+ and Sirtuin+. I feel very lucky to have this opportunity for a better quality life.

Timothy S Taylor
Skeptical at first

I was skeptical but I knew there was a money back guarantee so I took a chance. The first night I slept the best I had in a long time, coincidence I thought. Then after a week I noticed my clothes were looser but I was still trying to be a skeptic. 45 days later I'm down 15 lbs with no diet change. I have struggled with my weight and I'm 57 years old, I used to run daily and lift weights; age and injuries helped put the weight on but now I have a friend in GDR Labs. Thank you so much.

Thomas Elofsky
Good Health Starts with GDR Labs

GDR Labs products are lab tested and they put quality above profit. GDR Labs products really stand out and truly shine when it comes to handling customer satisfaction and performance. GDR Labs proactively evolves to meet the needs of their customers when it comes to pain and health needs. GDR Labs is superior with a higher standard of quality in the ever bludgeoning health industry with the wild and untrue claims of their competitors.I have used Topical Conolidine to Mag-Ion and I am completely satisfied with their potent properties. GDR Labs stands by its line of products and their Customer Service Team is the best in the industry with a caring open dialogue with their customer base.I highly recommend GDR Labs and their fine products which they are striving to improve every single day and making a significant effort to provide their customers with the best products and customer service. I know you will have a positive experience with any product purchased from GDR Labs.

Donna Cascio
Great Products!

I had ordered Conolidine for my husband who is always in pain after multiple failed back surgeries. He has rods & cages. It seems to help him. He will NOT take opiates. I also ordered Nutra1GF1 Clinical Strength, and Neurotol Clinical Strength (we take both daily). We both feel better, love the GDR Labs products. Alarmed that 2 have been sold out.

Darin Black
What a surprise!

I've been buying products from GDR Labs for the past 6 months and I have to say they have changed my life. I started with PhytoTest and from there I started using the Nutra IGF1 and have noticed significant gains at the gym. I also have arthritis in both hands and have noticed since taking Conolidine that the pain is much more bareable. I gave it to some of my co workers and they have seen the same results and want more. GDR Labs is a god send. I’m not one to write reviews because I expect results when buying products and unfortunately a lot of companies that say there products work usual and fall short but not GDR Labs. When they come out with a cure for balding I will definitely buy their products cause everything I bought has worked and that’s saying a lot. Thanks GDR Labs you have a customer for life. THEIR STUFF WORKS TAKE IT FROM SOMEBODY WHO BUYS EVERY PRODUCT UNDER THE SUN. I love you GDR Labs. Now make something for hair loss!