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The power of recovery improves every life we touch. We are not just about the physical, we champion a lifestyle where connection, community and commitment to self-care combine to fuel you up for a life worth feeling great for. It is a bold goal to change every person we meet for the better, but we believe in the power of our technology, expertise and people to do just that.
What game do you have to play today? Is it on a field, in an office, or at home with your kids? Our community does it all- and alongside the marathon runners and fitness instructors are students, yogis, business owners, those recovering from injuries and those recovering from daily stress- lounging together, exchanging stories, and connecting in a shared experience that recharges their bodies and elevates their spirits.
We set ourselves apart with unparalleled quality, constant innovation and delivery of the industry’s very best technology, products and protocols. Our excellence is why professional and collegiate athletes count on us to keep them on top of their game, and why our Recovery Specialists are the most trusted advisors in the nation.
Don’t take our word for it, our professional athletes’ word for it, or the word of the countless other success stories we have heard. The only way to experience the power of recovery is to try it for yourself, so come onboard and be GAMEDAY READY® …
Through our best in class services, products and people, it is our singular mission to improve your life and help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
We are the leader in improving every life we come into contact with through serving, educating, mentoring and investing in our team so that they may repeat the cycle with our clients.
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how our game began

Founder Eric tries cryotherapy for the first time and begins formulating a strategy to introduce and import the technology to the United States.
Eric introduces cryotherapy to the Dallas Mavericks, who make it part of their daily routine and dub it their "secret weapon" during their NBA Championship season.
Eric founds CryoUSA, the first distributor to provide cryotherapy professional sports teams in partnership with multiple qualifying manufacturers.
CryoUSA's technology gets the spotlight with appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Steve Harvey Show and Live with Kelly and Michael.
CryoUSA becomes the first and only recovery company to rank in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies.
We upgrade our red light therapy with the best whole body light therapy pod on the market, registered with the FDA as a Class I General Wellness and Class II Medical Device.
We introduce HaloIR, the first joint infrared and Halotherapy sauna in the industry, to our lineup of recovery solutions to improve our clients' detoxification, respiration and circulation.
spring 2020
Co-founder Steve brings his 30 years of healthcare leadership to the team and GameDay Ready Recovery Zone® is born!
summer 2020
We begin a historic partnership with the Texas Rangers, installing the first-of-its-kind GameDay Ready Recovery Zone® Sports Science Center within a pro sports locker room setting.
fall 2020
Medical director Dr. Omar Durani MD joins the team and IV therapy is introduced! Our curated list of cocktails optimizes athletic recovery, energy, immunity, hydration, metabolism and more to boost your body like no other.
Winter 2020
GameDay Ready® begins discussions with a renowned medical biologist to develop “Best-in-Class” recovery on the go products and supplements.
GameDay Ready® begins offering Chiropractic care to round out the most comprehensive athletic recovery service in the business.
GameDay Ready Recovery Zone® signs a historic partnership agreement with the UFC® Performance Institute to offer our Red Light Therapy and recovery protocols to all athletes utilizing the UFC® Performance Institute.
GameDay Ready® signs agreement with renowned medical biologist and develops the industry’s first 'Recovery on the go' products.
GameDay Ready® launches global distribution network of its 'Recovery on the go' products and suppplements.

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